I don’t have anything.

I know I said I was thinking of doing  a life update post, and I really started it, even going into detail, but there’s so much that I think a bullet list will do. (:

  • I’m feeling much more confident and healthy, and while some people think tumblr is a place to build themselves up, it did the opposite for me. That’s why I’ve taken such a long break.
  • My 10 1/2 year old Rottweiler passed away the day after Father’s day. He was honestly my best friend & every day is really hard without him.
  • I got a new Rottweiler puppy, his name is King. I love him, but he’s still really independent, so he’s not ready to let his momma cuddle him & tell him all her problems. But he’s cute as fuck & I’ll post a picture after I post this (:
  • I got a job at Torrid! Which is a place I’ve wanted to work for such a long time, and I’ve had so much fun there so far. I think I want to stay for a lonnnnng time.

I guess those are my most important points. I’d love to get caught up with a lot of you guys though (: Every time I get on I see someone that I really enjoy following and want to reach out, but I’m still awkward lol.